“Critical Race Theory”

The United States of America was created with inequality built right in. From the enshrining of slavery into the constitution, to the establishment of “the police” to enforce property laws — including slaves, to banking regulations that in many cases prohibited selling houses to people of color, racism has been baked into the very fabric of American law and culture. Critical Race Theory is the study of this inherent bias.

If you’re complaining about critical race theory being taught in high schools, you have absolutely no idea what critical race theory actually is. Misunderstanding this topic is a clear choice on your part, and your continued willful ignorance is ever so slightly helping to destroy our society.

Not convinced? Read What Is Critical Race Theory” by Juliet Masiga.

“All Lives Matter”

Sure they do, that’s the problem. For centuries in America, Black Lives have been seen as less than white lives. “Black Lives Matter” is simply a humble request to value the lives of Black people, and not treat them as 3/5ths, or any other value less than fully equal to your life.

If you’re angry about this, you’re actually angry at the country you live in being so horrible to people not like you for literally centuries. Please get real.

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